Pompei & Amalfi Coast

Duration: 8 hr

What’s included?:

  • English speaking driver
  • fuel
  • tolls parking fees and taxes

Not included:

  • entrance fees in Pompeii Eur 11 per person
  • private guides in Pompei Eur 120 (if requested)

Pick-up at your location around 9:00 AM /Earlier

Who never heard of the Amalfi coast? A charming route that starts from Sorrento and reaches some of most popular city in the Campania region: Positano, Amalfi e Ravello which in summer became a focus of attention of million tourists. During your tour along the Amalfi coast, you can easly look the history of this land through ancients ruins of the colonization of the saracens, or admiring its beauty with the many little islands (like Li Galli for Example) and spectacular landscapes famous all over the world. With our tours you could visit the pretty town of Positano with its famous handmade shops, Amalfi city with its artistic and architectural works, while in Ravello you can take a look to the natural heritage. In one hour of drive we are in Pompei.

Famous all over the world for its archeological sites, Pompei has a millenary history done of colonizations and the famous Vesuvius eruption of the 79 ac that destroied the city making it a cemetery of lapilli and ash after the incredible events created by the earthquake, lava and the escape of gas that were in the volcano. Pompei remained without habitants for a lot of time. Built by Greeks, the city was colonized by Samnites in the 5 century and in this period grew a lot, before the Romans won the Samnite wars and changed the name of the city in CORNELIA VENERIA POMPEII. Under Romans Pompei became more strong and developed in every sector in first for its incredible port at centre of the commercial exchanges until the date of the eruption. Only in the modern age, the city was found accidentaly and the excavation started only 100 years after, releasing most part of the area. Today Pompei is one of the most important archeological sites in Italy and in Europe and every years a lot of tourists (approximately 3 millions) come here for visit it.

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Pompei & Amalfi Coast

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