Pompei and Vesuvius

What’s included?:

  • English speaking driver
  • fuel
  • tolls
  • parking fees
  • taxes

Not included:

  • entrance fees
  • private guides

Meeting point at the port at 8:00AM.

Return to the ship at 5:30PM.

Once you are on board, your driver will take you to Pompeii. 

The Pompeii archaeological site preserves the remains of the ancient city, buried under a blanket of ash and lapilli during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, along with Herculaneum, Stabiae and Oplontis. The findings following the excavations, begun by order of Charles III of Bourbon, are one of the best examples of Roman life, as well as the best preserved of that era; most of the evidences recovered (simple utensils of daily use, frescoes, mosaics and statues), are now in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

After visiting the excavations, the tour includes a trip to Mount Vesuvius. The volcano is considered one of the most dangerous in Europe but, according to the studies of the “Vesuviano Observatory” in Naples, there are no signs of an imminent eruption. Your driver will drop you off on the top of the volcano and from this point you have 30 minutes-walk to the crater. 

After the excursion, you will return to the ship.

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Pompei and Vesuvius

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