Wine Tasting Tour Provence of Avellino

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The italian classification of wines is divided in 4 different category: VDT - IGT - DOC - DOCG. Top wines are recognized under the brands DOC and DOCG.

DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata) wines have less restricted standards, although they are still very strict, for certification than the DOCG wines. For DOC wines, for example, the geographical area might be a little 'bigger or standards for the quality of the grapes are a bit' more relaxed.

DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e garantita), The label with the DOCG autograph gives the wine the authenticity and quality of a product made according to the strictest standards in its class. The wine a committee that then guarantees the geographical authenticity of the wine and its quality has been tested. Three type of all 73 wines DOCG come from an area near Avellino called Irpinia:

DOCG Red wine, TAURASI: The famous red wine called Taurasi is DOCG from 1993. This particular kind of wines, they must have at least the 85% of Aglianico grapee from the province of Avellino, while the remaining 15% can be made up with other permitted local red grapes. However, a lot of this wines are usually pure Aglianico. The wines must be aged for three years before release with at least one year in the barrel.

DOCG WHITE WINE, GRECO DI TUFO: This special white wine received the DOCG certification in 2003. The Greek di Tufo is made with 85% of Greek di Tufo grapes and 15% of Coda di Volpe. The Greek di Tufo is different from other white wines for its special feature that originate from the sulfur and volcanic tuff and clay soils. It is believed that these give the wine its aroma and mineral complexity. The refreshing white wines are famous for their aromatic notes of lemon, pear and toasted almonds. The wines are in their best of taste generally within three years of the harvest.

DOCG WHITE WINE, FIANO DI AVELLINO: This white wine has the status of DOCG wine since 2003. Its main feature is linked to the fruity taste, elegance and its refinement. Other important nuances of this delicate wine are the flavor notes of orange blossom, spices, nuts with excellent acidity and minerality background. For DOCG standards, it must be at least 85% of grapes Fiano and the other 15% from other local wines such as greek or white fox tail. Usually it is recommended to drink this wine between three and five years.


Taurasi's wine is the referring point for everyones who's willing to learn to appreciate the great qualities of Irpinia 's finest wines. Taurasi town it's the original birth place of famous Aglianico wine, and it is right in this town that in Mr. Antonio Caggiano's cellar best crops of grapes are sapiently worked to produce the only red wine from the Campania region insigned with the highest "DOCG" quality mark: the Taurasi wine


The beautiful Feudi di San Gregorio vineyards are spread out over hills in Sorbo Serpico, about an hour from Naples and Mount Vesuvius. It's the unique volcanic, sandstone and marly soil of this area That lends the wines Their aromas of cherry, cinnamon and aniseed. The winery itself has its roots in the ancient varieties and traditions of Campania. Each vineyard is monitored with a meteorological station, and the technologies of the new cellar called 'state of the art' ensures that comes as close to perfection as possible.

The Taurasi is the perfect wine for who want to learn and appreciate the special qualities of the irpinia's best wines. The famous wine, Aglianico, was born own in Taurasi town and in this same town in the Mr. Antonio Caggiano's cellar are spiently worked the best grapes to produce the only red wine from Campania that have the DOCG quality mark: The Taurasi wine. In 1990 Antonio Caggiano decided to built the wine centers, this project was founded on two principal idea: to rediscover the full taste of Taurasi and to show at those who want to learn about the work of the company, the history of cultivation and its ancient instruments, with a small museum between modernity and tradition. The museum was created with a contemporary concept where the tourists can taste the ancient air of the cellar in a subterranean world with the walls formed by large massive blocks, vaults and arches that reflect in full the tradition of wineries than once.

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Wine Tasting Tour Provence of Avellino

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